Now use WhatsApp on computer

use whatsapp on computer

The most popular messaging application WhatsApp has introduced its web client which can be used through Google Chrome web browser on your computer / laptop.

How to use WhatsApp on computer?

To use WhatsApp on Computer the app should still need to be installed and connected to the net on your mobile device. Open the Google Chrome browser and visit the url As you visit the link, a QR code will be presented on the page and you have to scan the same within WhatsApp using your mobile phone to log in to the web client.

whatsapp for web

Please note, you have to update your WhatsApp on mobile to the latest version available, otherwise you won’t be able to use it from web browser.

After logging in to the web client, all your WhatsApp messages on mobile device will get synced with the web client and you can read & send messages from your computer thereafter. If you want to get notified for new messages on desktop then you can turn on desktop notifications in the web client.

As of now there are few limitations of using WhatsApp on computer via its web client. Firstly, it can be used via Google Chrome browser only. If you try to use the web client from other web browsers then you will get a link to download the Chrome browser. Secondly, the WhatsApp web client is presently not available for iOS users due to limitations in Apple platform. WhatsApp for web currently available for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10 and Nokia S60 mobile phone users only.

So friends, would you use WhatsApp on your computer / laptop via newly introduced web client or you are more comfortable using WhatsApp on your mobile device? Please provide your precious views in the comment section below.

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