WhatsApp to allow up to 1024 participants in a group 

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WhatsApp is on a spree to add new features to its instant messaging app. A couple of months ago, WhatsApp increased the number of participants that can be added to a group from 256 to 512. Now, WhatsApp is going to double it further. WhatsApp is testing the ability to add up to 1024 participants in a group.

As per a report from WABetaInfo, in the recent iOS and Android beta version, WhatsApp has tested adding up to 1024 participants in a single group.

Courtesy: WABetaInfo

Soon you will see the updated limit of adding 1024 participants to a group on WhatsApp, as seen in the above screenshots. As of now, the feature of adding 1024 participants to a group is available to a few lucky beta testers only.

Are you a beta tester for WhatsApp?

If you are a beta tester for WhatsApp, you can try creating a new WhatsApp group and adding participants to it. If you find the limit of adding up to 1024 participants to the group, congratulations, you are one of the lucky beta testers who received this functionality. If the participant limit is still up to 512 for you, then do not worry, as this feature will roll out for everyone very soon.

We will update here as soon as the feature of adding 1024 participants to a group on WhatsApp rolls out for everyone. Hence, stay tuned.

What are the new features to be rolled out on WhatsApp soon?

Very soon, you will see the below-mentioned features on WhatsApp:

  • In-built Image Blurring tool
  • WhatsApp Communities
  • The ability to create polls within WhatsApp

FAQs about WhatsApp Groups

1. What is the WhatsApp group limit in 2022?
Till date, the WhatsApp group limit is 512, but soon it will allow up to 1024 participants in a group.

2. How to remove the WhatsApp group limit?
There is no official way to remove the WhatsApp group limit.

3. How can I add 1000 members to the WhatsApp group?
Just wait for the official update from WhatsApp. As of now, adding more than 1000 members to a WhatsApp group is in testing phase.

4. Can we merge 2 WhatsApp groups?
No, you cannot merge 2 WhatsApp groups.

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