Windows Phone 8.1 Update features to lookout for

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Sneak Peek into the latest Windows Phone 8.1 update features

Your Perception about Windows Phone has been of an ergonomic phone mostly for satisfying your official wants and needs. Now windows have given the latest update to its OS that is the Windows 8.1. It has a bagful of features which will change your perspective about the phone.

It was launched at the keynote address of the Build 2014 Conference. The features of the new Windows 8.1 are :

Home Screen Makeover

Windows Phone users might have been cribbing about the fact that they are unable to change the background of the tiles (previously it had just offered in some solid colors). Now with the latest feature of ‘Start Background’ user can choose an image to be his background.

Windows Phone 8.1 update even has provision to accommodate more and more apps in a limited area.

Windwos phone 8.1 start screen splandour

Action Center – High-End Notification Bar

To compete Android devices with its detailed display of notification the Windows Phone 8.1 update has given a strong competition that’s the – Action Center. Basically “Action Center” features a drop-down notification bar which visually somewhat look similar to that of the android phones.

windows phone 8.1 update notification center

The best part of this new Action center is that you can even access it through your lock screen. In my view, it is easy, handy and comfortable.

Cortana to take on Apple’s SIRI and Android’s Google Now

One of the biggest highlights of the latest Windows Phone 8.1 Update is Cortana. Its Microsoft’s own virtual voice-based assistant. The best part of Cortana is that you can access it by pressing the search button. One problem of it is that it is optimized to US accents. Leaving the global users in a dismay

Cortana made it possible that the tough looking Phone even has a friendly corner.  You can talk to Cortana about your interest, where you study, and so on. With this app, you can send messages, schedule calendar events and so on.

cortana home callout windows phone 8.1

cortana possible conflicts windows phone 8.1

Word Flow

One of the recent buzzes in the market is the introduction of Word Flow in Windows Phone 8.1 update. Basically, it is similar to Samsung’s Swype. With this, you can fast type the words. As your finger moves a snaking line appears predicting words from its internal dictionary. It’s pretty good for those whose typing speed on mobile is ultra fast.

windows phone 8.1 qwerty typing

New Update, New Skype

Microsoft over the time has taken a considerable time in integrating Skype. With the latest Windows 8.1 update, you can switch a regular call with a Skype Video Call at a press of a button. With the advent of the personal Phone assistant, Cortana can assist you to set up Skype call without even touching the phone.

The Shutterbug Phone

camera burst mode screen windows phone 8.1

Windows left no stone unturned by exemplifying their imaging experience. There has been a whole big revamp on the Camera Roll. The Smart Shots, Cinema graphs, and Refocus photos mode can now be easily reached via the Camera roll. It has even provided Burst mode features for Continuous Clicking of the Photos.

Sense it Everywhere

Windows has provided a big array of Sense applications which includes Data Sense, Wi-fi Sense and Storage Sense.

Data Sense gives the user a specific and concentrated overview of the data usage that can be easily divided into various time period as the user demands.

While Wi-fi sense helps to automatically connect to nearby Wi-fi hotspots in order to save your mobile data.

File managers, SD card storage issues have been a problem with the Windows Phone users. It can all be solved with the Storage Sense which helps to cope with content stored on SD card as well as the inbuilt storage by helping the movement of files from SD Card to Internal memory and Vice versa.

Other Interesting Updates of Windows Phone 8.1 Update

  • The onscreen keys will now be featured at the bottom of the display rather than three capacitive buttons at the bottom of the front panel
  • Internet Explorer 11 has also been introduced to allow fast browsing, in private browsing and handy reading
  • Newer Lock Screens are to be displayed which gives users the delight to choose between their favorite lock screens

Are you a Windows Phone user? If yes, then what is your take on the new Windows Phone 8.1 Update? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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55 thoughts on “Windows Phone 8.1 Update features to lookout for”

  1. The article was well written . but i find that most of the update have been copied either from android devices or apple phones. For example cortana , action centre and all.theres nothing fresh and abreast about this update.

  2. My friends had told that there have been a lot of problem with regard to whatsapp that you can’t send in music from your phone to other phone.are all these minor problems fixed in this update?

    • Welcome to Telecom Panda Nathan. In Windows Phone, earlier you even can’t send prerecorded videos through Whatsapp and all you can send is, record the video and then send instantly. But in the update they allowed to send even prerecorded videos through Whatsapp.

      For sending prerecorded music or the one you got from someone else, there is a workaround which will allow you to send even prerecorded music too. Though it will not be as easy like just clicking forward and send in Android but it will allow you to send the music at least.

      It is not an issue nor a bug in Windows Phone but due to security reasons Windows do not allow to send the music through Whatsapp because it could be vulnerable to your phone according to Windows. Nevertheless, you can still use the workaround for sending music to your friends through Whatsapp using Windows Phone 8.1.

  3. So basically windows just mashed up htc sense and ios and android into one huh? While that looks good on paper, makes me wonder will it b worth buying the phone considering there arent still as many windows sw developers out there.

    • Welcome to Telecom Panda Faffa. Mostly every popular Apps and Games are available at Windows Phone Store. Android being open source could be manupulated by developers but Windows seems to be more secure like iOS. In the end its depends on your personal choice.

  4. Buddy awesome article….thankz for the information regarding to windows update 8.1 version….I hope that every one know about this regarding article …..

  5. Really…. Informative forum…
    It has been very confusing to understand technical difference between OS….which has been cleared here..

    More lovingly… Some hidden features has been updated .

    Good Unni..
    Nice to read such article..


  6. The review seems verry well written and very informative. I’m buying a new windows 8.1 device!!
    the site gives great info!

    Thanks for it!!!

    • Welcome to Telecom Panda Shobik. Glad to hear that you are planning to purchase a new windows phone. Go for the best options available as per your budget.

  7. nice one unni… really informative and a good article….!! hope to see more and more in the coming future..!!


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